Medical tourism | Краевое государственное бюджетное учреждение здравоохранения "Консультативно-диагностический центр, г. Бийск"

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General information

The Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Consultative and Diagnostic Center, Biysk” was founded in 1995 with the aim to provide highly qualified specialized consultative and diagnostic assistance to the residents of the cities Biysk, Belokurikha and 12 districts of the Biysk medical-geographical zone with a total population of 470 thousand people.

In order to improve the quality and availability of medical care for the population, the Diagnostic center provides the outpatient high-tech specialized consultative diagnostic and medical assistance to the population of the region on a wide range of advisory and diagnostic instrumental studies with the use of effective medical technologies.

The Center includes an advisory department, a gynecology department, a X-ray diagnostics department, an ultrasound diagnostics department, an endoscopy room, a functional diagnostics department and a clinical diagnostic laboratory.

The Center employs 47 doctors. 39 doctors have the qualification categories. Among them 19 specialists have the highest qualification category, 17 doctors have the first qualification category and 3 doctors have the second qualification category.

The Consultative and Diagnostic Center operates in the system of compulsory health insurance, provides commercial medical services, including work under contracts with insurance companies, organizations and institutions within the Voluntary Health Insurance.


In accordance with the license issued by the Altai Territory Ministry of Health the Consultative and Diagnostic Center offers the following services:

Consultation with doctors
– Allergist-immunologist
– Obstetrician-gynecologist
– Sports medicine doctor
– Gastroenterologist
– Hematologist
– Cardiologist
– Neurologist
– Vascular surgeon
– Audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist
– Dentist therapist
– Ophthalmologist
– Pulmonologist
– Therapist
– Urologist
– Endocrinologist
Ultrasound diagnostics
– ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs
– ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system
– ultrasound examination in obstetrics and gynecology
– ultrasound examination in ophthalmology
– ultrasound examination of superficially located organs
– ultrasound examination of the central nervous system
– ultrasound examination of the heart
– ultrasound examination of blood vessels
– ultrasound examination of the musculoskeletal system
– puncture biopsy with CDC under ultrasound control
– ultrasound examination of the respiratory system
– gynecology
– gastroenterology
– urology

X-ray diagnostics
– X-ray examinations of the chest organs
– X-ray examinations of the osteoarticular system
– X-ray examinations used in urology and gynecology
– mammography

CT scan
– CT scan of the central nervous system
– CT scan scan of the chest
– CT scan of the osteoarticular system
– CT scan of ENT organs

Functional diagnostics
– neurophysiological research methods
– functional methods for studying the function of external respiration
– functional research methods of the cardiovascular system

Clinical diagnostic laboratory
– general clinical research
– hematological examinations
– biochemical research
– coagulation studies
– platelet function
– immunological studies
– cardiomarkers
– diabetes diagnosis
– tumor markers
– PCR diagnostics
– cytological diagnostics

Doctors appointment hours:

Monday – Friday: 8.00 am to 6 pm
Closed: Sunday, holidays

Check the doctor’s appointment schedule by phone
Registry Office (3854) 32-88-91; 32-72-80; 32-88-58

Laboratory research without an appointment!

Contact phone numbers

(3854) 32-75-54 – reception
(3854) 32-75-54, 32-75-45, 32-88-98 – fax
(3854) 33-75-90, 32-86-91 – reference
(3854) 32-88-91, 32-88-58, 32-72-80 – registration and dispatch department (including the window for issuing laboratory research results)

E-mail address

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Our address

659300 659300 Altai krai, Biysk, Sovetskaya str., 33